Whether you are refreshing your company's computer fleet or you are in the business of IT asset management, we provide the secure, low cost, white-glove service you need...with a corporate social responsibility dividend. 

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, schools, county government, banks, lawyers, doctors and CPA offices. We specialize in working with national IT asset management consultants as their asset disposition partner. We are trusted because of our professionalism, experience and personalized service. Our clients appreciate the ability to support public school STEM education by working with us. 

We guarantee our clients:

- Secure pickup (RTP & nationwide) and chain of custody  

- NIST 800-88 Certified data destruction 

- Professional auditing and serial number-level reporting 

- Wholesale and retail remarketing options with revenue share

- Responsible recycling and a $1m professional liability policy

Serge Mouthon, Director of Asset Management Services is an engineer with decades of experience working with enterprise level companies. Serge previously was General Manager of R2-eStewards Certified, Global Electric Electronic Processing, one of the largest ewaste recyclers in North America, and the RTP-based facility where all Triangle Ecycling ewaste is recycled. 

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Challenge: National IT asset management services company with a Fortune 100 client needs over 6,000 assets picked up at 5 locations in 2 states and processed as part of a 350,000 asset national refresh. Client contract calls for secure data destruction, serial number level inventory grading and reporting within 2 weeks of pickup and remarketing at a predetermined FMV with payment to client due 2 weeks after that. 

Solution: Additional expert personnel, secure space and transportation acquired and pickups made on schedule. Over 3,600 desktop and laptop computers inventoried, tested and graded. All hard drives wiped to NIST 800-88 standards. Reports submitted. All computers cleaned - inside and out - and sold in both wholesale and retail markets. Agreed upon FMV payment for all assets returned to client on time. Not one computer or IT asset lost or damaged. IT AMS client happy and our long term relationship with a trusted partner sealed.

Call Today For Pickup: 

RTP or Nationwide.

AMS, corporate social responsibility, CSR, asset management services


Challenge: Regional office of a national bank's IT staff is busy supporting bank's staff. Limited time and space for broken or retired hardware. VP of IT attended local public schools and wants to support bank's culture of giving back to its community. Solution: Triangle Ecycling monthly pickup of surplus and nonworking computers followed by audit, data destruction and COD. Bank provides an ongoing supply of recent generation computers for E-Scholar interns' work. Interns take field trips to the bank to learn the inner workings of big bank IT. Win win.

Challenge: IT support company techs in the field replace client hardware. Computers and other ewaste piles up. Client doesn't want to store it and tech may not have a vehicle to haul it. Solution: 3 tiers of service 1) techs bring IT back to shop and Triangle Ecycling makes a monthly pickup, 2) techs drop IT off at our shop after the job, 3) techs arrange for a free pickup of a truck-load of retired equipment. Everyone's happy.