The primary mission of Triangle Ecycling is supporting STEM education with hands-on tech training for high school students. We are a triple bottom line business engaged in collecting, refurbishing and recycling end-of-life computers and other electronics. We repurpose computers for good.

Larry Herst, Durham entrepreneur, computer recycling

We serve businesses and organizations – large and small – and individuals. We use what we collect as fuel for a sustainable computer tech education lab. With the assistance of Durham, Chapel Hill - Carrboro and Orange County Public School administrators and teachers, we have set up a free program for high school students to come work in our shop. They refurbish computers, learn about environmental/humanitarian issues surrounding ewaste, sustainable business models and private enterprise giving back to their community. Refurbished computers are given to local nonprofits that support children's education and sold locally and online at below market prices to help bridge the Digital Divide and support the educational and giving programs.

Most businesses and organizations see surplus computer disposal as a logistics issue. Their priorities are cost and security. Our fees are modest as our success metrics focus on education over profit. Regulations govern handling of customer information and other secure data as well as dumping ewaste in NC landfills. As a regulatory lawyer, I have many years’ experience counseling regulated clients on compliance and I take our responsibility to handle client data securely and ethically very seriously. Hard drives are wiped, pursuant to NIST 800-88 standards or destroyed. All recycling is processed by our R2 Certified recycling partner.

Triangle Ecycling provides our clients a new way of looking at surplus computer disposal. I call it repurposing computers for good. What was a logistics matter now becomes a Corporate Social Responsibility opportunity. What was a function of the office manager or the facilities management department, now becomes a matter for the owner, CEO, Sustainability Director or whoever guides the conscience of your organization. We even give 10% of our profits to the Durham Public Schools Foundation to support innovation and equity in the schools. Computer recycling, sustainability and community outreach are three fast growing trends. Please give me a call at 919.414.3041 if you’d like to discuss how your business can take advantage of the convergence of these trends. 

                - Larry Herst, Founder/CEO

Please take a look at this short video which tells the story of our mission and how you can engage.