Computer Recycling in Lexington, NC  


At Triangle Ecycling, your old computers are refurbished or recycled as part of a free teaching program that prepares high school students for jobs in information technology.

All computers become part of a circle of reduce - reuse - recycle and add valuable STEM education along the way. Repurposed computers are given to local charities, sold locally to bridge the digital divide or online to support the greater good. Your data is guaranteed to be securely destroyed providing your company a social responsibility dividend. All ewaste is processed by an R2/e-Stewards Certified Recycler pursuant to our 0% landfill policy.



We provide every aspect of professional IT Asset Disposition while also allowing clients to partner in supporting our educational mission and give back to their community.

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Do you have computers that you want to dispose of responsibly and securely assuring destruction of data on your hard drive? Recycle your old computers and support public schools.

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