Now there is a way your surplus computers can be used to promote community outreach for your business. You can convert old computers, servers, cell phones, etc. into public education funding and have all of your data security concerns addressed, at little or no expense to your business, through our E-Scholar Program.

Depending on how much ewaste your company generates, you can partially or wholly fund an E-Scholar. No contribution is too small. We are working directly with the Durham, Chapel Hill - Carrboro and Orange County Public Schools Career and Technical Education programs and charge the schools and students nothing for this training. The goal of the program is to provide practical experience for high school juniors and seniors who are going on to engineering in college or are ready to work in local businesses and organizations – perhaps yours!

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
— John Dewey

My internship at Triangle Ecycling is so much fun. Oleg is such an amazing mentor. While showing us how to work, he also teaches us something new each day. It could be about laptops, monitors, printers or anything. I really enjoy working with him!
— Tian C., Southern School of Engineering

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We are looking for commitments of surplus computers only - not money – to fund this important work.

Some components of the program are:

  • Participation of the Durham, Chapel Hill - Carrboro and Orange County Public Schools.

  • Professional curriculum teaching hands-on computer repair and refurbishing, ewaste recycling and sustainable business practices.

  • Extensive "soft skills" training in a real work environment.

  • High school students are selected by their technology teachers to participate.

  • Refurbished computers are provided for those in need, donated to charity or sold to bridge the Digital Divide and support the program.

  • Job search, training and placement assistance are provided.

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It is great to know that a company like Triangle Ecycling exists. A company that focuses not only on recycling electronics that could harm our environment, but also on giving back to the community and gives students like me the opportunity to learn hands-on fixing of computers.
— Valentin R., Intern, Hillside High School

To learn more, participate or sponsor, please call 919-414-3041.