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We pick up and sell computers all over the country, but our mission is local: to Make Durham Smarter, Cleaner and More Equitable is often achieved through giving. We give to our customers, community, local school system, nonprofits and environment with an appreciation for the connectedness of all humanity, and the Earth. If you are interested in starting or growing a small business with this mindset, here are some good resources. The links are in green.

Books: Good People, Anthony Tjan, Inward, Yung Pueblo, Conscious Leadership, Jim Dethmer, Thinking in Bets, Annie Dukes, The Power of Moments, Chip & Dan Heath, Culture Code, Daniel Coyle, The Mindful Leader, Michael Carroll, The Not So Big Life, Sarah Susanka

Podcasts: The Knowledge Project, Shane Parrish, On Being, Christa Tippett

our partners in education: