Our mission is to serve our community and environment by collecting ewaste and ensuring that 100% of it is refurbished and reused or ethically recycled. We strictly adhere to a 0% landfill policy. You support Durham Public School education when you recycle your computers with us. 

recycling fees - No charge for computers/data destruction

We've provide a free recycling service to our community at our Durham location. All computers and peripherals are accepted - no charge. We charge a $3 processing fee for printers and $1/lb. for CRTs, TVs, and LCD monitors if screen is broken. We provide free guaranteed hard drive data destruction for all computers. Additional charges apply for CRTs/TVs. We accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards. (Your alternative for free TV recycling.)


Computers, Networking, and Office Equipment

  • Desktops, Work Stations

  • Laptops/Tablets

  • Keyboards/Mice

  • Hard Drives (guaranteed data destruction)

  • Monitors – CRT ($1/lb.) & LCD ($1/lb. if screen broken)

  • Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS)

  • Internal Power Supplies & Adapters

  • Power Cords & Cables

  • All Computer Components

  • Printers & Copiers ($3 each)

  • Fax Machines & Scanners

  • Servers

  • Disk Arrays

  • Modems, Routers, Switches, Hubs

  • Storage devices (flash drives, etc)

  • Projectors

Call 919-414-3041 if you have questions about what we accept.

Telecom Equipment

  • Cell phones, PDAs & Accessories

  • Bar Code Scanners & Pagers

  • Office & Home Telephones

  • Two-Way Radios

  • All Wire & Cables

Personal and Home Electronics

  • TVs ($1/lb.)

  • Tape & Compact Disc Players

  • VCRs, DVD Players, Camcorders

  • Electronic Games

  • Stereo Systems & Radios

  • Microwave Ovens and Appliances

Other Equipment

  • Medical & Testing Equipment

  • Retail and POS Systems

  • Electric Motors

  • Lead Acid & NiCad Batteries

Being able to work at Triangle Ecycling has been a great opportunity for me personally. Whether we’re learning the business side or the technical side, I’ve been grateful to be able to absorb all of the information like a sponge.
— Jordan B., Southern School of Engineering