What Clients are saying about Triangle Ecycling

We had a terrific experience with Triangle Ecycling. Dismantling and removing 25 years of computer equipment was an overwhelming thought, but not nearly as overwhelming of a project once Triangle Ecycling was involved. Larry, your folks did a great job. Thanks. Count me among your most satisfied customers.
— Rick Bean, Publisher, Durham Herald Sun
Triangle Ecycling is a great model for the Chamber Board in terms of a company that is integrating internships, entrepreneurship, and support for career and technical education in Durham Public Schools. This business is one of the best kept secrets in Durham and we really need to promote this as a model for other companies.
— Wendy Jacobs Chair, Durham County Board of Commissioners
Triangle Ecycling does everything right for FHI 360. Our new headquarters building in downtown Durham is neat and clutter free and Triangle Ecycling helps us keep it that way. When the storage room starts to collect old computer equipment all that is required is a quick call to Triangle Ecycling. They are right around the corner for us and usually can pick up the equipment the same day. Additionally when we had a major PC desktop refresh in our Washington, DC office Triangle Ecycling handled it with the same efficiency. They cover it all from pickup and disk drive scrubbing to environmentally sound disposal of the junk.
— Michael P. Mazza | Information Solutions and Services , FHI 360
Triangle Ecycling saves local businesses time and money by encrypting/destroying old hard drives to DOD standards and disposing/recycling of IT hardware. This is a win win for businesses and other organizations in need of computers at a reduced cost. And the best part is that they come and pick it up!
— Nathan Plant, Micro Medic IT
Thank you so much for being such a great asset to not just The Salvation Army, but the entire community of Durham!
— Katherine Bellamy Public Relations/Outreach Coordinator
I could not be happier with my purchase. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR AN AWESOME LAPTOP. Arrived fast, packed 100% super well. Laptop itself is clean and works flawlessly. I know people message you usually with problems but I wanted to let you know how happy I was. Thanks.
— Igor S., eBay Customer
Triangle Ecycling has been a true partner in Families Moving Forward’s efforts to address the technology needs of our shelter guests and staff. They have donated a significant number of laptops for our guests to use to apply for jobs and to take online education courses. They have led on-site classes to help our guests develop their proficiency around using hardware and the internet. And they have been proactive in communicating with us regarding additional opportunities to grow our work together. I am a huge fan of Triangle Ecycle and believe wholeheartedly in the work they do in our community.
— Ryan Fehrman, Executive Director
You are awesome, THANK YOU!
— Darbee Jackson, LeChase Construction
Hi there. Just letting you know I will leave a 5 star review as soon as my item arrives. Thanks so much!
— eBay Buyer
Building a partnership with Triangle Ecycling has been hugely advantageous for us. Being able to offer our guests the ability to recycle their electronics at the same time they are shopping for groceries offers them a unique convenience, and offers us another avenue to continue to grow our commitment to our Green Mission and Zero Waste Programs.
— Andrea Mastrobuono, Whole Foods Market Durham
“Square 1 Bank is proud to partner with Triangle Ecycling for secure recycling and disposal of our ewaste. Their support of local schools and STEM education make them a fabulous resource for local business, schools and charities.”
— Marc Tillett, VP, IT Ops, Square 1 Bank
Your 3 men did brilliant work for us today !
Thank you for sending them.
— Adam B., PC Support Specialist, Fonville Morisey
Triangle Ecycling provides us a fantastic way of properly disposing our old computer equipment. As a bonus they are helping to train techs and provide computers to local charities, which we think is a awesome project to support. The service I’ve received has also been great every time.
— Mike Trempus, OnPar Technologies
The most inspiring business stories to me are those in which a company applies creative thinking to find a market opportunity that allows them to do well by doing good. Triangle Ecycling has converted what could be seen as a growing problem of waste, engendered by the proliferation of electronic components and devices, into an opportunity for their company and a service to the community.
— Gary Kueber, Chief Executive Officer, Scientific Properties
I thank God for people like you whom God has put in the community to help youth reach their full potential. Thanks again.
— James Johnson, Executive Director, Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
You guys are above awesome and I am going to send blessings and customers your way!
— Chastity S., Children's Librarian at Durham Co. South Regional
Triangle Ecycling provides our company with an environmentally-friendly way to dispose of our e-waste. It’s hard to find a company that you believe you can trust to recycle your old electronics, but we believe we hit the jackpot when we found a local company that not only recycles our e-waste, but uses it to help support STEM education with hands-on tech training for high school students.
— Chris, Amundi Smith Breeden, LLC
I received the device today! Thank you so much for giving me such a blessing!!! May God bless you in every area of your life!!!
— eBay Customer
Our clients need a secure and environmentally-friendly way to dispose of their e-waste. Triangle Ecycling can do that well, but also uses their work to help support STEM education locally, which makes it an absolute no-brainer. Thanks, Larry!
— Clay Harris, COO, WORKSMART®
You are a life saver! Thank you so much.
— Wilma Metcalf, Development Coordinator, Housing for New Hope
I think it’s just smart business to get the maximum life out of your I/T assets – but when the time comes to retire your ancient boxes, Triangle Ecycling is the smart, eco-friendly and super-convenient way to show them the door. And when you combine that convenience with STEM education and work experience for the next generation, fewer valuable resources extracted, less volume in our landfills, end-to-end I/T asset management for your business, and revenue-sharing to boot – why would anyone not do this?
— Jim McLean, Learning Machines, Inc.
I received my computer today. I cannot believe the condition of this machine, it’s absolutely incredible. I also wanted to thank you for the extras that came with it. You’re the kind of people that make eBay a pleasure to do business on. I can tell great care was put into packing this computer and I couldn’t find one mark on it. Please accept my wishes for all your family to have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!
— Kenny Rhone, eBay Customer
Larry, its been a pleasure working with Triangle Ecycling during the past year. Your organization has helped our business provide affordable, refurbished laptop and desktop computers to our local customers at a high quality level that is guaranteed by the careful screening Oleg and the interns do in the inspection process and preparing refurbishable equipment for resale. On another side of the recycling stream, you have given us a trustworthy place to take our recyclable electronics, knowing that they will be responsibly managed and that I can be assured that the product will be in fact recycled. We’re excited for the opportunities that await Triangle Ecycling.
— Daryn O'Shea, 9th Street Computer Cellar
The work you are doing is so important and if we can be a small help to keep it going we are more than happy to do so.
— Barbara Jessie-Black, Executive Director, PTA Thrift Shop, Inc.
This is exciting Larry – I hope your vision & business continues to grow.
— Jerry Williams, Program Manager, SAS
This is an example of how businesses can serve a real need in the community rather than exhausting its resources and time attempting to manufacture a forced demand for a superfluous product or service. This virtuous cycle feeds into Triangle Ecycling.
— Elizabeth Lamb, Durham Cares
The internship program at Triangle Ecycling has provided a great opportunity for Southern School of Engineering students to apply many of the skills they have learned in their computer engineering courses and to learn new skills involved with recycling electronic devices and refurbishing computers.

As a result of their experience, students have a deeper understanding of the disastrous consequences of improper ewaste disposal. Through their interactions with members of Durham’s business community, students are honing their “soft skills” such as communication and teamwork.
— Gwen D. Roulhac, Southern School of Engineering
As a practice, Carrborro Pediatrics and Internal Medicine considers itself an environmentally sensitive practice; concerned about our community and the carbon footprint we create. Our building is moderately green, employing solar panels, tank-less hot water, LED lighting and solar tubes. As a result of this mindset the multiple obsolete computers, printers, PDA’s and other electronics were stored in our attic while we sought a responsible method of disposal.

While driving through downtown Durham I noticed Triangle Ecycling and was hopeful they could resolve our issue with outdated equipment. The following day I emailed Larry Herst at Triangle Ecycling. He was incredibly helpful with both my questions and providing solutions for our dilemma. Triangle Ecycling could not have been more accommodating in offering immediate, environmentally sensitive solutions. We are grateful for the service they offer and will continue utilizing their service.
— Cindy Szuch, Carrborro Pediatrics
Muriel Willamon with Orange County Recycling referred me to you. I was very excited after visiting your website. Love the videos, Love supporting DPS, Love the eBay store concept, Love the entreprenuership. I’ve been at recycling since the 70s and ventures like yours lift my heart. A long time comin’.
— Sue Harper, Hillsborough, NC
Thank you for taking the time to give me a tour of the Triangle Ecycling operations. The business model you have developed is very compelling and the connection between education, job creation and recycling is remarkable! What you are developing could be the model for how the business of “Ecycling” actually works as an ecosystem. You have my full support and let me know how I can help!
— Mark Schmidt, CEO, Cyberlux Corp.
On behalf of our Principal and myself, we thank you for sharing your talent, time and expertise with our students. The presentation was very beneficial and interactive. We had fun!!!
— Renee Jones, Southern School of Engineering
I will blow up the internet with good reviews about you guys.
— eBay Customer
Thank you for your kind donation of computers. It takes many people to keep the “house that love built” going every day. Your contribution is so appreciated. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.
— Ronald McDonald House, Durham